Stripping Dies

Storm Specialise in three different types of stripping systems: Conventional / Speed-Strip / Clip-strip.

A fast effective way of removing waste

Quick and easy installation of stripping units 

Increase running speed

Highly accurate running speeds

Strips out difficult/awkward areas of waste 


Conventional Stripping units (Solid board & corrugated)

Conventional strippers are manufactured in two formats: 

Female only (Usually to strip internal waste only)

Male & Female stripping unit

All stripping units are made to a high degree of accuracy ensuring the easy stripping of waste material. This type of stripping unit are designed to give value for money without costing the earth


Speed Stripping Units (Solid board only)

Specific male and female stripping units designed to keep the machines running at high speeds. These stripping units use a special pointed steel fixed into the male with a tight tolerance incorporated into the female. This ensures the waste is forced through the female and drops off. These stripping units are designed at the medium to high end of the market and while being slightly more enpensive they offer a quicker running time 

Clip-Strip Stripping Units (Solid board & Corrugated)

The clip-strip method is an alternative to the speed stripping units, again using the specially designed pointed steel fixed into the male. The female layer consists of a special adaptor which bends as the waste is being pushed through before clipping back into place and ensuring no waste is brought back up. These unique stripping units are slightly more expensive compared to the conventional units but offer the customer a quicker running time

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